Privacy how-to: Secure ways to hide naked photos

Privacy how-to: Secure ways to hide naked photos

When you host a national radio show about all things tech, you hear some pretty wild stories. There was the woman who called me because someone stalking her daughter knew when they were eating dinner — and even posted mom’s phone number on a porn site. Tap or click here to find out how I helped track down a stalker and get him arrested.

Some folks swear they’re being watched but don’t have the evidence or expertise to prove it. Tap or click for signs you’re being stalked and not just paranoid.

Then there’s the renowned professional fashion photographer who reached out recently. He’s taken pictures of all the famous supermodels. At home, he takes beautiful nude photos of his wife. Naturally, he wants to keep them safe.

If you have sensitive shots of any kind you want to protect, keep reading.

Encryption is the magic word

When you’re storing sensitive photos, you need to take extra precautions. I don’t recommend relying on Google Drive or iCloud alone. For one, they’re obvious targets for hackers. If someone gets their hands on your Google login or Apple ID, they get access to all your photos, including those meant for only certain eyes.

The most secure option for storing images is cloud storage which allows you to set up your private encryption key. That means only you can unlock the photos, videos, and documents you store there.

My pick is IDrive, a sponsor of my national radio show, but any cloud storage with private key encryption will get the job done.

One caveat: Make sure you don’t lose or forget encryption key you set up. Any reputable company does not store your private key on their servers; it is yours and yours alone.

You can reset your encryption key settings, but that automatically deletes all the data from your account. It may sound intense, but it’s also reassuring. There’s no way a…

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