Fighting the Last Tobacco War

Fighting the Last Tobacco War

Packages of Juul e-cigarettes are displayed for sale at the Brazil Outlet shop in Los Angeles, June 22.


Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Biden Administration’s instinct is always to shoot business first and clean up the unintended consequences later. Its example this week—there’s an example every week—is to tease regulation to slash nicotine in cigarettes followed by a leak of its plan to ban Juul e-cigarettes.

Nobody disputes that tobacco is harmful, especially for young people. But misconceived regulation can also boomerang. The 1998 state settlement helped the Big Four Tobacco companies grow profits and cement their market share, as our columnist Holman Jenkins has noted. Big business loves big government.

Juul Labs disrupted the tobacco industry last decade with its fruity-flavored e-cigarettes that helped many smokers quit. Nicotine patches don’t work for everyone, and some smokers like the sensation of inhaling. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association in December found that adult daily cigarette smokers who had no intention of quitting and then started using e-cigs daily were eight times more likely to stop smoking.

Yet Juul came under fire for hooking teens on nicotine. In 2018 Juul voluntarily stopped selling its fruity-flavored refillable vaping cartridges in stores. But teens didn’t stop vaping. They merely gravitated to rival e-cigarette brands and more harmful marijuana vaping products. Last year 6.8% of 12th graders reported using Juul in the last 30 days—down from 20.8% in 2019—compared to 12.4% who had vaped marijuana. One in five 12th graders still reported vaping nicotine, but two-thirds of them used brands other than Juul.

Now comes the leak that the Food and Drug Administration plans to order Juul products off the market. What was its grave sin? It’s not clear. In addition to no longer selling fruity-flavors in stores, Juul has stopped marketing on Facebook and Instagram and implemented a secret-shopper program to catch retailers…

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