Russians revealed their intention to blow up children’s hospital in Kharkiv

Russians revealed their intention to blow up children's hospital in Kharkiv

Alona Mazurenko – Thursday, 23 June 2022, 23:05

Russian invaders made known that they intended to carry out artillery barrage targeting Kharkiv and Odesa. They have disclosed the anticipated shelling of the First Children’s City Hospital in Kharkiv, which they blamed on Ukrainian defenders.

Source: Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation

Quote: “It is known for a fact that the specialists of the 72nd Centre for Informational and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing another cynical provocation involving the death of civilians, the purpose of which is to blame the Russian Armed Forces for inflicting indiscriminate strikes on civilian targets.”

Details: The aggressors falsely claimed that the Ukrainian “Kraken” Battalion [a volunteer special forces unit formed when Russia invaded Ukraine] and that the 113th Territorial Defence Brigade were allegedly “forcibly bringing medical personnel and sick children” from other Kharkiv medical institutions to the First Children’s City Hospital on pain of execution.”

In this statement, Russians refer to Ukrainian defenders as “militants” and “nationalists.”

The invaders write that the “hospital building is mined” and that the “neo-Nazis” plan to blow it up as soon as Russian artillery strikes at “military targets” in Kharkiv.

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The aggressors prudently reported that correspondents for leading Western news agencies have allegedly arrived in Kharkiv to prepare “fake” photos and videos.

Russian aggressors also stated that two CNN reporters had arrived in Odesa, accompanied by 10 Azov soldiers.

Quote: “There are plans to video the terrorist attacks being prepared against civilian targets so as to further blame Russia for the use of prohibited methods of warfare.”

Significance: The Russian invaders are in this way “announcing” the attacks on civilian targets and threatening other atrocities that are to be committed against Ukrainians.

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