Server Didn’t Know She Seated Katy Perry ― And Left Work With A ‘Generous’ Tip

Server Didn't Know She Seated Katy Perry ― And Left Work With A 'Generous' Tip

Pop singer Katy Perry left a “generous” tip for her server despite making her wait for a table at a cafe on Saturday.

Indianna Paull, a server at a Port Douglas, Australia, cafe, told Australian morning show “Sunrise” that she encountered Perry ― wearing sunglasses and a hat ― when she asked for a table at her restaurant.

Paull explained she didn’t know who Perry was at first and believed it made the singer not mind waiting for a table.

“In hindsight, I think the reason she wanted to get in so bad is because people were running around taking photos of her,” Paull said.

Paull told the show she was shocked after later finding out that it was the “Firework” singer she’d made wait.

It didn’t deter Perry from leaving a “generous” tip for her, however, as the server said the staff treated her “normally.”

You can watch the full interview with the server who ran into Perry below.

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