Democrats Want Google to Hide Care from Women

Abortion rights protesters at Barrett home

One of the many tragic ironies of the Left’s campaign to “serve” women by preserving their right to abort their children is just how often it does a deadly disservice to women in need of help.

Take the current rash of fire bombings and attacks on pregnancy resource centers. Violent pro-abortion groups are targeting organizations and individuals who have committed their lives to helping women and children. These centers provide prenatal care, including ultrasounds, as well counseling. Many offer free diapers, clothing, and baby formula. By attempting to disrupt these operations through violence and vandalism, the attackers deprive young mothers of care they desperately need.

It’s illogical—and maddening.

The same individuals who claim to champion women’s rights are also protesting, picketing and attempting to intimidate Justice Amy Coney Barrett and her family at their home. Individuals in clothes painted to appear bloodied are walking the sidewalks outside the Justice’s household, which includes young children.

These individuals and groups are now receiving help from elected officials. Late last week, more than 20 Democratic lawmakers appealed to Google to block pregnancy resource centers from appearing in search results. In other words, they don’t want women to know that help and care could be as close as a phone call away or just around the block. Instead, they want expectant moms to find Planned Parenthood, which will happily murder their babies and put them at significant risk, both in the short and long term.

And these are individuals who care about the health of women? Give me a break.

Over the course of the last 50 days, dozens of churches and pro-life organizations have been attacked. They’ve been firebombed and vandalized. On Father’s Day, two pregnancy resource centers in Dearborn Heights and Redford, Michigan, had their glass doors and windows smashed. A week earlier, another clinic was set on fire in Gresham, Oregon. Too many of our national leaders have met these attacks with silence.

FALLS CHURCH, VA – JUNE 18: Protesters with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights hold baby dolls while marching to the home of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on June 18, 2022 in Falls Church, Virginia. According to the Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights group, the dolls represent forced births. Abortion-rights protests at the homes of conservative justices have become common since a leaked, draft decision indicated the court may overturn Roe vs. Wade.
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