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Parliament is taking a summer break. Here’s what’s on pause until the fall – National

Gun control advocates applaud Ottawa’s handgun freeze, but some owners are angry - National

Members of Parliament in Canada are heading home to their ridings after the House of Commons agreed to rise for the summer on Thursday afternoon.

While late sittings over recent days have sent a flurry of newly adopted bills over to the Senate for review, a number of government promises remain on pause until the fall.

Unlike the last two summers, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament in 2020 and when he called an election in 2021, the legislation that didn’t make it over the finish line likely won’t have to start from scratch and be re-introduced when MPs return in September.

That’s because there is no election currently on the horizon following a Liberal-NDP confidence-and-supply deal struck earlier this year that is expected to see them work together to keep the Liberals in government until 2025.

Now, as is often the case in politics, no one can predict the future. But as it stands now, there’s no sign another prorogation is in the works, nor another federal election.

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So here’s where things stand as the House of Commons takes a summer break. This isn’t a conclusive list of the dozens of bills caught mid-process, but more of a big picture look at major promises.

Last month, the federal government introduced a new bill they say will boost firearms safety.

Bill C-21 seeks to put a national freeze on handgun sales and to take away the firearms licences of anyone involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment.

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As well, the bill promises to bring in what is known as a “red flag” law — effectively, a law that would let the courts force someone believed to be a danger to themselves or others to hand over their firearms to police.

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The bill is at second reading in the House of Commons…

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