Pontoons instead of the Antonivka bridge: a photo appears of the occupiers building a crossing



Yurii Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Chairman of Kherson Regional Council, has published photographic evidence of how the Russian occupiers are trying to build a pontoon crossing in Kherson after the Armed Forces of Ukraine damaged the Antonivka bridge with highly precise strikes.

Source: Sobolevskyi on Facebook

Quote from Sobolevskyi: “Four tugboats pulling pontoons with vehicles will not solve the problem of supplying the Orks’ [Russian soldiers] military group in Kherson. They will not help much with the retreat of the occupying forces either. And there will certainly not be enough space for collaborators when their ‘masters’ are withdrawn from Kherson.”


  • On the night of 26-27 July, reports and videos about the strikes on the Antonivka Road Bridge and that Russian air defence systems were working in occupied Kherson were shared on social media.
  • Natalia Humeniuk, head of the Joint Coordination Press Centre of the Defence Forces in the south of Ukraine, later said the strikes by the Ukrainian armed forces were “high-precision”.
  • Kyrylo Stremousov, a collaborator with the occupiers in Kherson Oblast, also stated that the Antonivka Bridge across the Dnipro in Kherson was damaged after a nighttime attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Previously, the Antonivka Bridge had already been hit and damaged. This bridge is key for supplying the Russian invaders with military personnel and military equipment from occupied Crimea to Kherson.

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