Russian vacationers target Ukrainians in Bulgaria, according to Ukrainian singer / The New Voice of Ukraine

Masha Fokina faced aggressive Russians in Bulgaria (Photo:mashafokina/Instagram)

Masha Fokina faced aggressive Russians in Bulgaria (Photo:mashafokina/Instagram)

singer Masha Fokina took to Instagram on Aug. 4 to complain about
aggressive behavior by Russians on vacation in Bulgaria.

Fokina said that she decided to go on vacation to the city of Ravada with her three-year-old son. On the second day of her stay, she found rotten fruit smeared on her hotel room door, and posted a picture of it on her social media.

“It was the second day of the vacation, I was with my child by the pool, when I heard a familiar tune – my song Spalakhy began to play, and I felt that Ukraine was loved and the songs of Ukrainian artists were listened to,” she wrote.

“How disappointed I was when, having come to my room, I saw that our door had been smeared with rotten fruit.”

Fokina criticized the hotel staff, who refused her demand to show her CCTV footage to establish who had thrown the rotten fruit at her door.

“I immediately called my husband, and we decided that we should call the police because I was alone with a three-year-old child in a foreign country,” her Instagram post reads.

“As soon as everyone present heard that I wanted to call the police, they said that they would call them themselves. But instead of the police, four ‘thuggish’ men arrived and rudely told me to go to my room, which I refused. In response, they took me by the hand and led me to the elevator. Words can’t express how petrified I was – not for myself, but for my little son, whose safety comes first.”

The singer said a lot of Russians are taking vacations in Bulgaria, and they are acting very aggressively towards Ukrainians.

“While the Russian army is killing our people, Russians continue to show their rottenness and hatred for our people left, right, and center,” Fokina said.

“But, despite this situation, we will soon overcome everything and everyone will return to their homes.”

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