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Keep the Courage My Friends podcast on air

Keep the Courage My Friends podcast on air

Hello rabble rousers, I’m Resh Budhu – host of the Courage My Friends podcast presented by the Tommy Douglas Institute, the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation, and of course, rabble. I am truly inspired by being part of rabble’s community, which is why I encourage you to support them this summer

With the amazing patronage of people like you, rabble has produced important projects like the Courage My Friends podcast. The podcast series delves into the complexities of living within the convergence of COVID, capitalism and the climate crisis. With a new season planned to return in September, rabble needs your help to keep the momentum going!

How you can show the podcast team some love

While the Courage My Friends podcast is free and accessible for all, it takes time and work from many individuals to produce this thought-provoking series. Your support shows the podcast team the value of our work. Think of it like a tip jar — can you spare a few coins to keep progressive voices on air?

In celebration of rabble’s 21st anniversary, rabble is aiming for 210 community members to become new monthly supporters this summer. That’s just 10 individuals for every year that rabble has produced paywall-free news (and podcasts!). Will you be one of them?

Every monthly contribution, from $3, $10, $15 or more, directly contributes to rabble’s award-winning journalism and podcasts. Your support will help keep rabble community-driven, corporate-free and accessible to all, with no subscription fees or paywalls. Please join me in the movement for media democracy today!

In solidarity,

Resh Budhu

Host, Courage My Friends 

P.S. If you need more inspiration to join rabble, check out the Courage My Friends podcast on Needs No Introduction!

All new monthly supporters will be entered in a draw for Peggy Nash’s book, Women Winning Office: An Activist’s Guide to Getting Elected. Thanks to Between the Lines publishing, rabble is giving away 10 copies!

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