Man Cheered for ‘Abandoning’ His Mom on Payday To Avoid Paying Her Bills

A man holding moving boxes.

A mother who “demanded” that her eldest son surrender all of his earnings to her has received a storm of backlash on Reddit.

In a post on Reddit shared under the username Icy-Hamster-2608, the 20-year-old son said he has been living with his 50-year-old mother and three siblings (aged 9, 13 and 15) for the past two years while working a full-time job.

“My mother demanded that I deposit all the money into her account on the day I receive my pay. While I realize this seems extreme, my mother would often tell me that I am the man of the household and am responsible for supporting her and my siblings,” the user said.

A March 2021 study in Frontiers in Psychology,children who experience parentification (when kids take on parental and other adult-like roles such as raising siblings and caring for other family members) “may have trouble performing developmental tasks due to being overwhelmed by their family caregiving roles and responsibilities.”

A man holding moving boxes, with a woman and child seen in the background.
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A May 2020 study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Child and Family Studies said: “Parentification roles and responsibilities are often linked with deleterious outcomes, including robbing children of age-appropriate opportunities, activities, and support.

“However, in some circumstances, such as caring for a sibling vs. caring for a parent, parentification may engender feelings of self-efficacy, competence, and other positive outcomes,” the study said.

The aforementioned March 2021 study said “the condition for positive outcomes of parentification” will be “contingent upon the parent’s recognition and appreciation for the family caregiving tasks performed.”

The son in the latest Reddit post said that when he asked to keep some of his earnings for himself as savings, his mom would allegedly start “screaming and/or cry” and begin “shaming” him.

She allegedly “flipped” out one time when the son said he wanted to move out. Packing all of his belongings, she told him to “leave right then and there” even though he explained that he couldn’t because “I have no money to my name because I paid it all to her.”

One day, the user decided to move out on the day he got paid. On pay day, the user went to work with his clothes and essentials and later went straight to his new place, informing his mother with a message that he won’t be coming home.

His phone was “blown up” with texts from his mom saying “I am abandoning her and my siblings and…

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