Olena Zelenska presents charity foundation at Met Opera in NYC

Olena Zelenska and Hillary Clinton (

Olena Zelenska and Hillary Clinton (

The Olena Zelenska Foundation, the purpose of which is
described as “helping life win,” was presented by the first Lady of
Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on Sept. 22.

The presentation took place following the 77th UN General Assembly, which gathered political and business leaders from around the world. The First Lady of Ukraine invited them to join the Ukraine renovation project.

In particular, the charity event was attended by former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, CEO of the Metropolitan Opera in New York Peter Galb, American TV show host Jimmy Fallon, actor Matt Damon, actress Brooke Shields, as well as numerous other diplomats and entrepreneurs. Ukrainian stars performed at the charity gala, while Ukrainian TV star Andrey Bednyakov was the host of the evening.

Zelenska announced that the focus of her Foundation will be on the individual person and their well-being and said that she was looking to attract funds from both foreign and Ukrainian businesses, international agencies and funds, and anyone who would like to invest in the restoration of Ukraine’s human capital.

“Our hospitals were bombed – and we took children with cancer to safe countries,” Olena Zelenska said during her presentation.

“Our adults and children have lost and are losing arms and legs – and we found the best prosthetics for them abroad. Due to constant stress, our women began to give birth prematurely – and we started importing special incubators with uninterrupted power supplies to save premature babies. But the war adds new struggles every day. I realized that in order to respond to them as quickly and efficiently as possible, on my part, we need a whole rescue headquarters. This is what my Foundation will become.”

The Foundation will work in three main fields: healthcare, education and humanitarian aid. Within these areas, Zelenska plans to provide targeted assistance, invest in the restoration of preschool and primary educational institutions, clinics, pharmacies, and provide grants for education and scientific development.

“ We want to counter the destruction and chaos brought by the Russian invader with restoration,” she said.

“In practice, to embody our common values, where a person and their life are the top priority. By protecting them, Ukraine right now is making the world a better, safer, fairer…

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