Ayda Field ‘kind of afraid’ to go out

Ayda Field is 'kind of afraid' to go out

Ayda Field is “kind of afraid” to go out following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ayda Field is ‘kind of afraid’ to go out

The 43-year-old actress – who has Teddy, nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and two-year-old Beau with husband Robbie Williams – spent so long just with her immediate family during the global health crisis, she gets “freaked out” in crowds.

Speaking on her ‘Postcards from the Edge’ podcast, she said: “Going outside is is even scarier for me now. I still haven’t kind of wrapped my head around being in crowds of people.

” I went to a flea market a couple of months ago and there were a lot of people, and it totally freaked me out …

“I think that part of what happened to us being at home is that we took some of those instability moments off where we kind of just hovered in one zone to just lockdown and be safe.”

However, Ayda is doing her best to get over her fears and start living her life the way she used to.

She said: “And now we kind of have to re-find and it’s interesting because I still feel like I’m still crawling out of that zone, I’m kind of still afraid to go out there in the world the way I used to.

“I have missed some of my own hustle. I’m kind of trying to awaken that sense still because I’m still in a bit of a safe zone. I know it’s important to step out because then you kind of feel alive. You feel like a participant in the world.”

The former ‘Loose Women’ star admitted the pandemic had made her and her husband reassess their priorities and they plan to be more selective about their work.

She said: “I think both Rob and I decided that working less and being together more is actually, not working less like not accomplishing less things, but just kind of choosing the things you do, being mindful with what you do, because realising that the time that we have together is so incredibly precious.

“I think we can both run away with work and kind of play those future movies, kind of walk away from our present and kind of go along and we do that and then we’ll do that.

“And then before you know it, you’ve kind of spent through three years and you’ve missed that time and you go, ‘What was that for?’

“I think there is definitely something we’ve walked away with that happy has its own price in terms of no one can take away our happy. There’s no job, there’s no thing that we want to accomplish that’s worth taking away our happy.

“And we realised how being together as a family and spending more time…

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