Lukashenko calls on Kyiv for peace negotiations: Complete destruction will follow

Lukashenko calls on Kyiv for peace negotiations: Complete destruction will follow

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of the Republic of Belarus, has stated that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, should stop and enter into peace negotiations with the aggressor country, Russia, if he wants to avoid huge casualties and the complete destruction of Ukraine.

Source: Pul Pervogo, Lukashenko’s propaganda Telegram channel, which has posted a video of Lukashenko’s interview with the Russian mass media

Quote from Lukashenko: “Everything is in the hands of Ukraine. Not because I want to push this issue to Zelenskyy and Ukraine. Indeed, everything is now in the hands of Ukraine. If they do not want numerous deaths of people. It is hard, difficult, but this must stop, it must be stopped, because what will follow is the complete destruction of Ukraine… It is not what Putin talked about long before the ‘operation’, that this would pose a threat of loss of the statehood; this will be the destruction of Ukraine. It must be stopped.”

Details: Lukashenko has also stated that 30 million people died during the Second World War [losses of the USSR – ed.], but now “no one remembers this”, and with Germany “everybody is ready not just to talk, but to cooperate and be friends”.

The self-proclaimed president is sure that the same will happen with relations with Ukrainians, and the aggressor country and its satellite states “probably will be able to explain to the Ukrainian people what had happened, even now”.

As Lukashenko states, the topic of events in Ukraine was briefly touched upon at the CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization] summit, which took place the day before, on 23 November, but it was allegedly not the main topic of the meeting of the leaders of the organisation’s member states.


  • On 23 November, Russia carried out another massive missile attack on Ukraine’s objects of critical infrastructure. Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defence systems have shot down 51 out of 70 missiles and 5 kamikaze drones.
  • However, due to a decrease in frequency in the energy system of Ukraine, emergency protection was activated at the Rivne, Pivdennoukrainska and Khmelnitsky NPPs, as a result of which all power units were automatically shut down.
  • Ukrainians were left without electricity, water and heating.

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