Russians continue to deploy their forces in Belarus

Russians continue to deploy their forces in Belarus

The National Resistance Center has reported that Russian invaders continue to deploy their troops in Belarus.

Source: The National Resistance Center (NRC), citing the Belarusian resistance movement

Quote from the NRC: “It is known that the Russians have deployed about 63 tents in the area of the village of Babunichi (Gomel Oblast). In total, up to 12,000 conscripted Russians have already been deployed on the territory of the country.”

Details: As the National Resistance Center states, getting into Belarus is a privilege for the Russian invaders, as the conditions at the training grounds there are much better than in Russia.

The Armed Forces of Belarus fully meet the needs of the Russian contingent.

The NRC points out that the Russians have actually taken control of the so-called Russian-Belarusian combined force, and this is another sign of Belarus’ loss of sovereignty.

Earlier, the NRC reported that the Russians had sent engineering troops to the country to build barracks.


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  • Earlier, Norwegian outlet Faktisk published satellite images from Machulishchy airfield in Belarus made by Planet Labs company on 18 October and 31 October at 10:41 (Kyiv time). The images show that the airfield still hosts three MiG-31K interceptor jets that are capable of carrying hypersonic X-47M2 Kinzhal missiles; these projectiles are virtually impossible to shoot down due to their speed.
  • Later, Radio Liberty, with a reference to images provided by Planet Labs, reported that tents with Russian servicemen inside appeared on Belarusian training grounds, in addition to Mig-31Ks and containers that could possibly have Kinzhal missiles in them.
  • The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces estimates that 10,000-15,000 Belarusian military are ready to fight against Ukraine for Russian money. 

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