8 Celebrity-Approved Holiday Party Hairstyles to Try

8 Celebrity-Approved Holiday Party Hairstyles to Try

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From Bella Hadid’s glam braided bun to Alicia Keys’ bedazzled hairline.

Festive soirée season is upon us! That means sparkly outfits to plan, party invitations to sift through, and manicure appointments to make. And of course, holiday party hairstyles to choose.

As far as beauty is concerned, hairstyling is often the final act in the holiday party prep process. The crowning glory! Short, long, up, or down — your hair ties the whole look together. Formal Christmas functions and elegant New Year’s Eve nights become opportune moments to experiment with hairstyles we’ve waited all year to try.

From gold-flecked afros and bow-shaped buns to fun Y2K revival updos, look to celebrities for eight show-stopping looks to recreate. Taking inspiration from Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and more, scroll on to find holiday party hairstyles worthy of a Gatsby gathering. We promise you’ll be the life of the party.

Since May, we’ve had our eyes on this updo worn by Brazilian model Caroline Trentini on the Met Gala red carpet. Sculpted by Erol Karadag, this bow in the front, bun in the back style is ideal for party-goers looking to try something a little avant-garde this year. Sure, this look will take a little extra planning (and maybe practice), but if you start now the payoff will be well worth it. Besides, what could be more festive than looking like an actual gift yourself?

Protective style wearers are likely no strangers to adorning their hairdos with cuffs and beads, but Rihanna’s bejewelled braids will surely serve as new inspiration for those who’ve tucked their natural hair away for winter. Crafted by Naphia White, RiRi’s go-to hairstylist as of late, the incorporation of treasured beads and baubles are the finishing touch you just might be missing.

If it’s soft simplicity you seek, look to Hailey Bieber’s take on a ’90s updo styled by Amanda Lee. “It’s been such a nice journey of kind of just doing less and learning that less is more,” the trendsetting model told People this summer of her newly minimalist approach to makeup. This…

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