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Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:Kremlin via REUTERS)

Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:Kremlin via REUTERS)

Ukraine has no aggressive intentions towards Belarus, of the
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko told Ukrainska Pravda publication
on Jan. 24 after Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko claimed the Ukrainian
authorities had offered to conclude a “non-aggression pact” with his country.

Nikolenko did, however, warn Belarus against entering the war on the side of the Russian Federation.

“Russia is trying in every possible way to draw Belarus directly into the war,” Nikolenko said.

“Ukraine warns Minsk against any possible further aggressive plans. We confirm the absence of any aggressive intentions towards Belarus on our part.”

Belarus has allowed Russia to attack Ukraine via its territory, including by allowing armored columns to attack Kyiv from the north-east and north-west in the early part of Russia’s full scale invasion.

After the Russian forces around Kyiv were defeated and forced to retreat, Belarus then allowed Russia to launch missiles at Ukraine from Belarusian territory and airspace.

Belarus has also allowed Russian troops to train on its territory, and the Belarusian and Russians militaries have formed a “regional grouping” that has deployed in the south of the country, forcing Ukraine to reinforce its border protections and deploy reserves to react in case of attack.

Nikolenko said Ukraine is ready for any development of events and would act exclusively in accordance with the right to self-defense, as provided for by the UN Charter.

The defense forces of Ukraine and the government have a clear plan of action in case of an increased threat from Belarus, he added.

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