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Front-line wedding. Photo of the Liberov couple (Photo:@libkos/Instagram)

Front-line wedding. Photo of the Liberov couple (Photo:@libkos/Instagram)

Some 198,332 couples got
married in Ukraine from March to December of 2022, which is more than the same
period during the previous year, the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice wrote
on Facebook on Jan. 20.

The ministry told how the situation regarding the conclusion and dissolution of marriages in Ukraine changed in 2022, comparing it with the data for the previous year.

“War is not a time for love? Not true!” the ministry wrote in its post.

“Ukrainians prove the exact opposite! After all, in 2022, 198,332 couples in love got married in Ukraine (during March-December). And this is 7,654 more than in the same period of the previous year – in March-December 2021, 190,678 marriages were registered.”

The data for 2022 do not include the full statistics from the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson oblasts, the ministry noted.

The department also disclosed divorce statistics for 2022. From March to December, 14,117 people divorced, compared to 25,628 during the same period in 2021.

The war has also had an inspirational effect on new Ukrainian parents, resulting in innovative new names being created.

Previously NV mentioned some of the most popular and rarely used names for babies in the second half of 2022. Among them are Iskander, Javelina and Mriya.

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