Who are the president’s private attorneys and is Joe Biden paying the legal bills?

Who are the president's private attorneys and is Joe Biden paying the legal bills?

Among the White House’s go-to talking points in the classified documents saga, now in its third week, is what it claims is the unimpeachable conduct of the president’s personal attorneys, led by longtime Biden legal hand, Bob Bauer.

“[The president’s] team has been fully cooperative with this legal matter,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured reporters Monday. 

Bauer’s statement Saturday night disclosing the discovery of six more classified “items” at Mr. Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home also emphasized the hand-in-glove nature of the Biden legal team’s dealings with the Justice Department. 

“We offered to provide [the FBI] prompt access to his home,” Bauer said. “We agreed to cooperate” in not making the search public, he continued. 

But little is known about the team of attorneys representing the most powerful person in the world in his personal capacity. Aside from naming Bauer, the White House and Mr. Biden’s legal team have thus far declined to disclose who else is representing the president. It’s also not clear whether it is Mr. Biden who is paying his private attorneys’ fees or another entity. 

CBS News asked Jean-Pierre that question at Monday’s on camera White House briefing, but she declined to say who is footing the bill. 

“I mean, it’s his private – it’s his private attorney. So I would leave it – I would just say it’s his private attorney,” Jean-Pierre said. “Any questions, anything in particular to this, I would ask the White House counsel’s office.” 

So CBS News did. 

Ian Sams, a spokesman for the White House counsel’s office said, “On that, I’m going to have to refer you to Molly Levinson who is leading communications for the president’s personal attorney.”

Levinson, Bauer’s spokeswoman, told CBS News Tuesday, “the engagement is directly between the president and his lawyer on terms that in no way involve the use of taxpayer dollars.”

She would not say whether the president or anyone else is funding his personal counsel.

“The president has retained Bob Bauer for many years to handle his personal legal work and Mr. Bauer is providing that representation in this matter, as well,” Levinson said. 

Bauer is married to White House senior adviser Anita Dunn. Levinson declined to comment further on details related to the president’s legal arrangements. 

While Mr. Biden has long professed a commitment to transparency, there is no legal requirement the president or his…

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