Damage to environment caused by war exceeds US$46 billion

Damage to environment caused by war exceeds US$46 billion

Russian aggression caused damage to Ukraine’s environment in the amount of more than UAH 1.74 trillion [approximately US$46 billion] during the 11 months of the war.

Source: State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine on Telegram

Details: The inspectorate noted that such figures are calculated in accordance with the methods that determine the amount of damage caused to land, water resources and atmospheric air.

The total amount of damage caused by soil pollution is more than UAH 688 billion [US$19 billion].

The total cost of damages caused by air pollution is UAH 998 billion [US$27 billion]. And for pollution and the clogging of water resources, the damage is estimated at more than UAH 56 million [US$1.5 million].

At the same time, the territorial and interregional territorial bodies of the State Environmental Inspectorate recorded and calculated the quantitative indicator of the damage caused by the occupiers from 24 February 2022 to 24 January 2023 of the full-scale invasion:

  • 280,904 m2 of soil contaminated with hazardous substances,
  • 12,277,512 m2 of land littered with the remains of destroyed facilities and ammunition,
  • 686,816 tonnes of oil products were burned during the attacks, polluting the air with hazardous substances,
  • 33,132 hectares of forests and other plantations were burned by rockets and shells, some of them may be restored within 10 years, and this is according to the most optimistic calculations, while the rest are lost forever;
  • 1,063,947 m2 of facilities, including critical infrastructure, were destroyed, their remains causing damage to the environment.
  • 1597 tonnes of the mass of pollutants released into water bodies;
  • 2,903,513 kg is the weight of foreign items, materials, waste and/or other substances that got into water bodies;
  • 410,150,000,000 m3 is the volume of water collected and/or used illegally without permission.

Background: It has been reported that the amount of damage to the environment caused by the Russian armed aggression surpassed US$46 billion. Ukraine will demand compensation from Russia.

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