Iain Stirling: Fatherhood is so rewarding

Iain Stirling loves being a dad

Iain Stirling thinks that being a dad is “so rewarding.”

Iain Stirling loves being a dad

The 34-year-old TV star is dad to 22-month-old daughter Stevie with ‘Love Island’ co-host Laura Whitmore, 37, and admitted that fatherhood had given him a new “purpose” in life.

He said: “‘I love it. It’s given me such a nice purpose to my life. I enjoy being a dad, I enjoy watching this little person growing and learning how to say words and do actions. It’s really rewarding. “

Meanwhile, Iain – who hails from Edinburgh – has narrated the ITV2 reality dating show since it was revived by the broadcaster in 2015 and explained that he landed his “dream job” because show bosses were not interested in someone with spoke in traditional Received Pronunciation, before noting that he still gets the “excitement” of being part of such a successful programme but can retain his anonymity because he does not appear on screen.

He told the Radio Times: “I think it really was as simple as they didn’t want a London RP accent. The ‘Big Brother’ accent was from the North East. They were like, ‘We need to go Irish or Scottish.’ I can imagine there’s an Irishman somewhere absolutely livid. It’s the dream job for me, because I get the excitement of being involved in a show like ‘Love’ Island’, but can go to the supermarket and not be recognised.”

Iain has continued to narrate the show despite his wife Laura stepping down from her hosting duties and being replaced u ‘CelebJuice’ star Maya Jama but insisted that both have been “absolutely fantastic” to work with.

He said: “Maya is absolutely fantastic, Laura was absolutely fantastic, Maya is doing such a good job… her slow-mo walks have been something else. Great looks.”

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