Pamela Anderson didn’t know Tommy Lee’s surname when they wed

Pamela Anderson didn't know Tommy Lee's last name when the pair wed in 1995

Pamela Anderson didn’t know Tommy Lee’s surname when they got married.

Pamela Anderson didn’t know Tommy Lee’s last name when the pair wed in 1995

The former ‘Baywatch’ bombshell decided to tie the knot with the Motley Crue drummer without knowing his last name or where he lived and only asked when they were on the plane to Mexico after their week-long whirlwind romance back in February 1995.

In her memoir ‘Love, Pamela’ – which was released on Tuesday (31.01.23) – the 55-year-old star wrote: “On the flight home, I asked him what our last name was, and he said, ‘Lee.'”

Pamela then proceeded to ask “where he lived” to which the 60-year-old rocker – with whom she went on to have two sons Dylan, now 25, and 26-year-old Brandon -replied: “Malibu Road.”

The ex Playboy Playmate – who detailed being “in heaven” with Tommy – spilled how her mother Carol Anderson was “furious” that her daughter had married a stranger.

She wrote: “She was furious. ‘Who is Tommy?’ She couldn’t believe I had gotten married, cried that she had always dreamed of being at her only daughter’s wedding.”

Pamela called her impulsive choice to wed Tommy “definitely out of character” but that she was “genuinely happy” and “lost in a sea of love” when they got married in a beach front ceremony with the blonde beauty clad only in a white bikini.

The animal and human rights activist attributes the cracks in ther union that led their split due to the theft and sharing of their sex tape in 1995 – a saga that was portrayed in the Hulu series ‘Pam + Tommy’ that starred Lily James and Sebastian Stan in the title roles and did not get any involvement from Pamela – and Tommy being arrested and jailed for six months for spousal abuse in 1998.

Pamela wrote: “Neither of us could forgive the other, deep down. We just weren’t equipped to get through it all. I loved to see him with his boys, but the four of us together forever was only a dream.”

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