Fox News Host Confronts GOP Rep. on Biden Probe: ‘Where Is the Illegality?’

Fox News Host Confronts GOP Rep.-on-Biden-Probe

Fox News host John Roberts confronted Representative Byron Donalds, a Florida Republican, on Friday about the GOP probe that is targeting President Joe Biden‘s family.

The GOP-led House Oversight Committee released a memo on Thursday alleging that Hunter Biden, his uncle James Biden, and Hallie Biden, who was married to Hunter’s late brother Beau Biden, received $1.3 million from an associate who had ties with a Chinese energy company.

Donalds, who is a member of the committee, told Roberts on Friday during an interview that the Biden family “were getting the money for something.”

The House Oversight Committee, which is chaired by Representative James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, claimed that these transactions raise questions about whether or not there was foreign influence on the Biden family, including Hunter Biden who has long been heavily targeted by Republicans over his foreign business dealings.

Representative Byron Donalds, a Florida Republican, is seen at the U.S. Capitol on March 10 in Washington, D.C. Fox News host John Roberts confronted Donalds about the GOP probe targeting the Biden family. Roberts questioned whether or not there was an illegality in the family’s business dealings, which is currently being investigated by the House Oversight Committee.
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Republicans have repeatedly called for investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings in an effort to determine whether his father was involved in those dealings when he served as vice president during former President Barack Obama‘s administration.

To this day, no evidence was found to prove that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business affairs. “We don’t have that information yet, but we’re gonna go find out because this investigation is not slowing down. It’s just speeding up,” Donalds said Friday.

Roberts then asked Donalds about arguments that might be raised by Hunter Biden’s supporters over the investigation.

“So in terms of selling influence, supporters of Hunter Biden will point out ‘that’s not a crime.’ So where is the evidence of illegality here? You can say that this looks bad, that there may be impropriety, but where’s the illegality?” he asked.

Donalds responded that it is not much about illegality, arguing that the details of these foreign business dealings should be publicly disclosed.

“Well, it’s not so much about illegality, and yet that remains to be seen. Let me put that on the side because again we still have to go…

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