Russians shell city of Kostiantynivka, six people injured

Russians shell city of Kostiantynivka, six people injured

On Saturday, 6 civilians were injured in the Russian shelling of Kostyantynivka, Donetsk Oblast.

Source: Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Oblast Military Administration on Telegram

Quote: “Six civilians were injured in Kostiantynivka as a result of shelling of the city by Russian troops.

The Russian occupiers fired several volleys with cluster munitions using an Uragan multiple-launch missile system.

They aimed for the area of the central market and the “Dytyachi svit” [Children’s World — ed.] store. According to operational data, 10 private houses, 9 high-rise buildings, a school, a children’s store, a dozen private cars and garages were damaged.”

On Saturday, the Russians also shelled Kramatorsk. Civilians were killed and wounded there.

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