Former European Commission President states Ukraine’s quick accession to EU is impossible

Former European Commission President states Ukraine's quick accession to EU is impossible

Jean-Claude Juncker, former President of the European Commission, has warned against unrealistic expectations regarding Ukraine’s quick accession to the European Union.

Source: Juncker in an interview with Luxemburger Wort

Details: Junker noted that Ukraine received candidate status for European Union membership in a record short time and that Brussels’ decision was correct.

Quote: “I believe that Ukraine needs the accession prospect. But I am very saddened by the imprudence of many politicians who are also active in the West and who want Ukraine to join the EU as soon as possible. I don’t see that happening.”

Juncker also believes that negotiations with Russia on ending the war are now impossible.

“The fact is that Putin and the whole Russian leadership do not show any will for real peace negotiations,” he said.


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  • The Latvian Prime Minister believes the EU should start negotiations with Ukraine about membership this year without waiting for the war to end.
  • The European Commission’s first assessment of Ukraine’s progress in fulfilling the “candidate criteria” will be presented in May, and by then, Kyiv plans to complete most of them.

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