Ginger Cat’s Hiding Place Leaves Everyone Speechless: ‘Teleportation’

Tarcin the cat hiding in chandelier

A cat’s unique hiding place from some unexpected guests has left the internet in hysterics.

In a photo posted to Reddit’s r/OneOrangeBraincell forum (a sub “dedicated to derpy orange cats”), a terrified feline called Tarçın can be seen clinging to a chandelier.

With his large eyes wide and his paws wrapped tightly around the lighting fixture, the orange tabby appears panic-stricken by the unknown humans in his house.

“My orange got scared of movers and decided this was the place to hide,” his owner, u/Vicious-Worm, wrote alongside the post.

Photo of Tarçın in his unique hiding place, the chandelier. The tabby has impressed Reddit users, with many wondering how the cat managed to reach the light fitting.

‘Intense Reaction to Moving House’

Like people, cats can develop fears for a number of reasons. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, a phobia can form from just one negative experience. Felines that are not handled during their early life—such as strays or shelter animals—often develop a fear of humans.

It’s common for cats to hide when they’re afraid. Rescues often hide when first introduced to a new home, or freak out when their owners move to an unfamiliar location.

As a stray cat born on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, Tarçın (which is Turkish for “Cinnamon”) is easily startled.

“I took Tarçın in and helped to find homes for his siblings after his mother got hit by a car,” his owner, Vicious-Worm, told Newsweek.

He is easily scared by unexpected or loud things. Out of my four cats, he had the most intense reaction to moving house.

“He disappeared for a day in the new house before showing himself,” his owner added.

The 4-year-old is generally not a fan of the outside world, but otherwise he is a very friendly and calm cat.

“He frequently jumps to my lap or meows to be picked up,” his owner said. “He also tends to greet me with a meow when I enter a room and sleeps near my feet on the bed at night.”

Tarcin the cat hiding in chandelier close-up
Photo of Tarcin the cat hiding in chandelier. The 4-year-old was a street cat adopted by Vicious-Worm as a kitten, so the orange tabby is easily startled.

Although Tarçın usually warms up to visitors quite quickly, he was unimpressed by the movers.

“I think this time he was scared by a lot of new people coming and loudly picking up the furniture,” Vicious-Worm said.

“He likes high places, as cats commonly do, and sometimes hangs out on top of wardrobes and such.”

After a few days in their new apartment building, Tarçın…

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